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Night of the Living Artisans

So here are the promised vendor costumes. I can’t believe how intricate and beautiful some of them were.
Some of them were also intricate and gross.
Anyways, I want to thank the vendors for taking time out of selling their wares (doesn’t that sound sort of like
something a traveling medieval metalsmith would do?) to let me take their photos.
I just had to document the creativity. Also, I will start a list of the vendors and their websites at the end of this post.
If you know of a vendor who I photographed that isn’t on the list–please let me know.
It’s not like my blog is hugely popular, but every little bit helps, right?

This dude had MAGGOTS crawling out of his face.

ties without borders
Golf hat: check. Bunch of ties: check. Fanny pack: check. Awesome vintage goods? CHECK.
Bought a teal member’s-only jacket wannabe for 10 bucks.
That makes 4 members-only or members-only-like jackets I own. Obsessed much?

50s diner
Look at the fucking ANTS on her skirt. I want to be her friend.

So, uh, these buddies are just chillin’. You know. Laid back.

frozen titanic
Frozen Titanic victim. Look at the gorgeous amount of detailing put into this. Dang, girl.

zombie bride
This girl looks super happy to be dead. Maybe it’s the blue hair. Or the beautiful lace shawl.

titanic victim
This girl had, in my opinion, the most beautiful costume. She was a little reluctant to be photographed, though.

lego batman
Lego. Fucking. Batman. There are no words.

Zombie Holly Golightly. Executed perfectly.

dead construction worker
This was definitely an impressive and gross costume. It won the contest. Well-deserved.

Kurt Cobain
Zombie Kurt Cobain. Too soon?

(Oh, i’d like to point out that some of these people aren’t vendors.)

List of vendors who I talked to, photographed, or admired.
Lucie Wicker Photography
Haberdash Vintage
Thea P. Katon Photography
Rambunktious Glass
Bag Lunch (tasty lip balm)
looka jewelry
The Good Girl Gone Blog
Virginia Kraljevic
Bumble Belly Designs
Junkyard Arts and Junkyard PaperWorks
Shara Porter (I got the sickest wallet here. It has an octopus on it.)

Ok that’s all I have. If I’ve missed anyone pictured, let me know.



Fashion of the Living Dead

So this sunday, I dragged my ass out of bed, put on my killer “Abby Sciuto” (that goth forensic scientist chick from NCIS) costume, and schlepped to the Back Bay to SoWa’s “Market of the Living Dead,” which I can honestly say was one of the best zombie-run markets I’ve ever been dressed up in a costume for.

Seriously, it was great. I’m going to do a whole second post for the vendors costumes, some of which were so elaborate that it made me weep inside for my lack of sewing skills (I sew like old people fuck), but this post here is all about the market-goers and their fall fashion turnout.
(apologies in advance for the poor photo composition and quality–this place was beyond crowded)

This was my favorite couple ever. I hope they breed.

This is how you wear color, people.

I like how this girl is all plaid and cool hair and and I don’t give a fuck scarf.

Well hello, little miss adorable teal skirt and crazy ambiguous collar/necklace.

This girl just looks like she gets it without trying too hard. Do you know how difficult that is?

Antique binoculars and a vintage blouse.

I don’t know if this was worn in the spirit of Halloween or just in the spirit of being badass.

God I wish I could pull off little hairpieces/hats/rosettes. They look so cute.

This girl looks like she could be on Dam Style. And that’s a good thing.

Ending up this post with little red riding hood, here.

Ok, up next, crazy zombies, titanic survivors, and Holly Golightly.


In the spirit of my new job working for Nancy Stracka Interiors, which is pretty much my dream job, I will post some of my favorite furniture, wallpaper, rugs, and what have you. I LOVE interior design. Enjoy!

First off, lighting:

Baker Furniture is a dream for streamlined, modern furniture that doesn’t look like wacky shrinky-drink creations.
Just take a look at this beautiful lamp from The Bill Sofield Collection.

floor lamp

I’m having a chandelier-gasm over this red murano glass number from DWR

murano different view

Ok I’m sick of doing this by category. I’m just going to post stuff that rules.

the not so restrained
living room

Soft, muted neutrals with a tiny bit of color from fresh flowers. Far from boring, considering the layout and high-end pieces.

Dear Darryl Carter,
I know we haven’t met, and frankly I don’t have a clue who you are,
but please adopt me so I can live in your house and play your piano.
Sincerely yours.

The leaves totally MAKE this room, don’t you think?

This is Jill Stuart’s living room and dining room–and they’re totally rock and roll despite the abundance of white.

I enjoy rooms that aren’t afraid of art:

I like anthropologie furniture:

and of course, I collect antique apothecary bottles.

Thats it for now. Hope you enjoyed my obsessive foray into the houses of other, much richer people than I.

Fat girls get no lovin’….or do they?

Ok, I’m tired of Torrid. If I wanted to dress like a Twilight fangirl, I wouldbe trying to find a way to molest that dude with the hair. I forget his name, but he played Cedric Diggory. You know. He’s in all the tabloids for some reason, since he never does anything interesting. But I digress. Lane Bryant, Torrid….I’m out. And don’t even get me started on the term BBW. I’m not a BBW. I’m an insecure neurotic fatty. I don’t rock the look. I wish I could.


There is hope!
Young. Fat. and Fabulous.

You are who I aspire to be. I just wanted you to know that.

Mark Fast
Mark Fast and plus size models FTW. Girl, you rock that sheer dress. Rock it like a hurricane.

Or you can look sleek and hip and totally unlike Beth Ditto in this hot number from carmakoma
(yeah its in euros, but you can deal)

Elena Miro
Beautiful couture designs, AND you don’t have to be a size 2!

But mostly, I want something like this:
Insanely Fashion-Forward People
The problem is, this is a collection of the skinniest people I’ve ever seen. They all have legs that go up to their shoulders, and they all can take great self-portraits. Why can’t there be something like this for the young, fat, and fabulous crowd?

Come on. Embrace your flab.

Etsy and desperation…

carousel ttv

I like to think of myself as a pretty fair photographer. Unfortunately, that doesn’t count for much in a world where 99% of twenty-somethings are pretty fair photographers. They’re also graphic designers (OMG! So am I!), bartenders, wannabe fashionistas, and bloggers. So what to do?

Fucking advertise the hell out of myself. Twitter, facebook, MySpace (shudder), various interweb message boards–and of course, this blog. So please, people–if you’re out there and you have some spare money (yeah, I know), buy my beautiful, vintage-inspired photography. It’s not cheesy, I promise.

Here’s a handy link to my etsy store: MY ETSY STORE

All caps are always an indicator of quality merchandise.


So I’m well aware that most people crave things like chocolate or bacon on pizza. The thing is, I crave–ok, I crave chocolate and bacon on pizza–but I also crave shoes, jackets, little drapey dresses and things with inexplicable zippers on them.

I believe that craving is more germane to this blog.

So here are some of the things I’m craving right now:
Balmain Heels: Sexy and unusual and rock-and-roll. Great with ripped leggings and an oversized t-shirt a la Patti Smith.

Marc by Marc Jacobs
Oh Marc, why you gotta do me like that? Grey AND crocodile? Be still my beating heart.

Alexander Wang
Back cleavage is the new toe cleavage. Toe cleavage, of course, was the new cleavage cleavage. And that, I believe was the new “showing a bit of ankle.” What I’m trying to say is this Alexander Wang shirt is sexy as hell.

see also: Back Cleave by Blue Life

Camilla and Marc
Goddamnit I want a new tutu. I wore my old one so much that people started calling it my afterparty skirt because of the cigarette burns and unknown and worrisome stains.

Mike and Chris
Bared shoulders are always sexy. Sailor details are always hip. Therefore….

It’s logic, people.

Nanette Lepore
I think it’s the cut that makes this coat stand out from the myriad of pea-coats swamping pret a porter showrooms everywhere. Also it’s called “Party Girl Coat.” And we love that.

Ok that’s what I want. Anyone have a spare 50 grand?

Remember, Remember

guy fawkes day!

Yes yes, I know this is in Brooklyn, but it’s being hosted by my mind-bogglingly successful best friend and I designed the poster. So suck it up.