So I’m well aware that most people crave things like chocolate or bacon on pizza. The thing is, I crave–ok, I crave chocolate and bacon on pizza–but I also crave shoes, jackets, little drapey dresses and things with inexplicable zippers on them.

I believe that craving is more germane to this blog.

So here are some of the things I’m craving right now:
Balmain Heels: Sexy and unusual and rock-and-roll. Great with ripped leggings and an oversized t-shirt a la Patti Smith.

Marc by Marc Jacobs
Oh Marc, why you gotta do me like that? Grey AND crocodile? Be still my beating heart.

Alexander Wang
Back cleavage is the new toe cleavage. Toe cleavage, of course, was the new cleavage cleavage. And that, I believe was the new “showing a bit of ankle.” What I’m trying to say is this Alexander Wang shirt is sexy as hell.

see also: Back Cleave by Blue Life

Camilla and Marc
Goddamnit I want a new tutu. I wore my old one so much that people started calling it my afterparty skirt because of the cigarette burns and unknown and worrisome stains.

Mike and Chris
Bared shoulders are always sexy. Sailor details are always hip. Therefore….

It’s logic, people.

Nanette Lepore
I think it’s the cut that makes this coat stand out from the myriad of pea-coats swamping pret a porter showrooms everywhere. Also it’s called “Party Girl Coat.” And we love that.

Ok that’s what I want. Anyone have a spare 50 grand?

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