Etsy and desperation…

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I like to think of myself as a pretty fair photographer. Unfortunately, that doesn’t count for much in a world where 99% of twenty-somethings are pretty fair photographers. They’re also graphic designers (OMG! So am I!), bartenders, wannabe fashionistas, and bloggers. So what to do?

Fucking advertise the hell out of myself. Twitter, facebook, MySpace (shudder), various interweb message boards–and of course, this blog. So please, people–if you’re out there and you have some spare money (yeah, I know), buy my beautiful, vintage-inspired photography. It’s not cheesy, I promise.

Here’s a handy link to my etsy store: MY ETSY STORE

All caps are always an indicator of quality merchandise.

  1. The color of this photo feels great, agree with your points, thanks for sharing them, learnt a lot from here, keep up the good post…

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