Fat girls get no lovin’….or do they?

Ok, I’m tired of Torrid. If I wanted to dress like a Twilight fangirl, I wouldbe trying to find a way to molest that dude with the hair. I forget his name, but he played Cedric Diggory. You know. He’s in all the tabloids for some reason, since he never does anything interesting. But I digress. Lane Bryant, Torrid….I’m out. And don’t even get me started on the term BBW. I’m not a BBW. I’m an insecure neurotic fatty. I don’t rock the look. I wish I could.


There is hope!
Young. Fat. and Fabulous.

You are who I aspire to be. I just wanted you to know that.

Mark Fast
Mark Fast and plus size models FTW. Girl, you rock that sheer dress. Rock it like a hurricane.

Or you can look sleek and hip and totally unlike Beth Ditto in this hot number from carmakoma
(yeah its in euros, but you can deal)

Elena Miro
Beautiful couture designs, AND you don’t have to be a size 2!

But mostly, I want something like this:
Insanely Fashion-Forward People
The problem is, this is a collection of the skinniest people I’ve ever seen. They all have legs that go up to their shoulders, and they all can take great self-portraits. Why can’t there be something like this for the young, fat, and fabulous crowd?

Come on. Embrace your flab.

  1. I love the article,,,I am a size 16 and find to many skinny girl articles and not enough XL articles out there,,,good job…Also I love your blog…


  2. I’m in love! I can’t wait to check out that site more! Thanks for blogging about it.

  3. Great post! Made me laugh. Cool outfits!

    Thanks for posting on my blog thread.


  4. great post, very reasonable points, couldn’t agree more, black dress looks good on XL.

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