In the spirit of my new job working for Nancy Stracka Interiors, which is pretty much my dream job, I will post some of my favorite furniture, wallpaper, rugs, and what have you. I LOVE interior design. Enjoy!

First off, lighting:

Baker Furniture is a dream for streamlined, modern furniture that doesn’t look like wacky shrinky-drink creations.
Just take a look at this beautiful lamp from The Bill Sofield Collection.

floor lamp

I’m having a chandelier-gasm over this red murano glass number from DWR

murano different view

Ok I’m sick of doing this by category. I’m just going to post stuff that rules.

the not so restrained
living room

Soft, muted neutrals with a tiny bit of color from fresh flowers. Far from boring, considering the layout and high-end pieces.

Dear Darryl Carter,
I know we haven’t met, and frankly I don’t have a clue who you are,
but please adopt me so I can live in your house and play your piano.
Sincerely yours.

The leaves totally MAKE this room, don’t you think?

This is Jill Stuart’s living room and dining room–and they’re totally rock and roll despite the abundance of white.

I enjoy rooms that aren’t afraid of art:

I like anthropologie furniture:

and of course, I collect antique apothecary bottles.

Thats it for now. Hope you enjoyed my obsessive foray into the houses of other, much richer people than I.

  1. hello,

    thanks for the great quality of your blog, each time i come here, i’m amazed.

    black hattitude.

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