Night of the Living Artisans

So here are the promised vendor costumes. I can’t believe how intricate and beautiful some of them were.
Some of them were also intricate and gross.
Anyways, I want to thank the vendors for taking time out of selling their wares (doesn’t that sound sort of like
something a traveling medieval metalsmith would do?) to let me take their photos.
I just had to document the creativity. Also, I will start a list of the vendors and their websites at the end of this post.
If you know of a vendor who I photographed that isn’t on the list–please let me know.
It’s not like my blog is hugely popular, but every little bit helps, right?

This dude had MAGGOTS crawling out of his face.

ties without borders
Golf hat: check. Bunch of ties: check. Fanny pack: check. Awesome vintage goods? CHECK.
Bought a teal member’s-only jacket wannabe for 10 bucks.
That makes 4 members-only or members-only-like jackets I own. Obsessed much?

50s diner
Look at the fucking ANTS on her skirt. I want to be her friend.

So, uh, these buddies are just chillin’. You know. Laid back.

frozen titanic
Frozen Titanic victim. Look at the gorgeous amount of detailing put into this. Dang, girl.

zombie bride
This girl looks super happy to be dead. Maybe it’s the blue hair. Or the beautiful lace shawl.

titanic victim
This girl had, in my opinion, the most beautiful costume. She was a little reluctant to be photographed, though.

lego batman
Lego. Fucking. Batman. There are no words.

Zombie Holly Golightly. Executed perfectly.

dead construction worker
This was definitely an impressive and gross costume. It won the contest. Well-deserved.

Kurt Cobain
Zombie Kurt Cobain. Too soon?

(Oh, i’d like to point out that some of these people aren’t vendors.)

List of vendors who I talked to, photographed, or admired.
Lucie Wicker Photography
Haberdash Vintage
Thea P. Katon Photography
Rambunktious Glass
Bag Lunch (tasty lip balm)
looka jewelry
The Good Girl Gone Blog
Virginia Kraljevic
Bumble Belly Designs
Junkyard Arts and Junkyard PaperWorks
Shara Porter (I got the sickest wallet here. It has an octopus on it.)

Ok that’s all I have. If I’ve missed anyone pictured, let me know.


  1. AWESOME pics! You really captured the day. Gorgeous. I mean freaky. Freaky and gorgeous.

  2. Beautiful photographs of the day – everyone looks great, and you managed to capture a lot of the detail that was put into the costumes. Thanks for featuring my Lego Batman costume!!

  3. Thanks for the link love, To haberdash

  4. Fun costumes! Love the Bfast @ Tiffany’s too.

    I am a Boston blogger- found your blog through Good Girl Gone Blog.

    Going to add you to my Boston blog roll! 🙂


  5. Great Pictures,,,and costumes,,but where is Abbie I love Abbie and NCIS…

      • bosstonstyle
      • February 1st, 2010

      I don’t have any good pics of me as Abby. It’s a travesty–best halloween costume I’ve ever done!

  6. thanks so much! i was the zombie holly golightly, and my boyfriend was the awesome construction worker zombie. love the pics!!

  7. very creepy ones !!! scary

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