Design crush

So, like all girls, I tend to get all giggly and moony over truly hot, sexy, rugged, manly, ripped, gorgeous graphic design. Graphic design that you imagine probably has great hair. Graphic design that would take you out, buy you a wagyu steak tartare dinner and a sidecar, take you back to its loft apartment and spend the night giving you multiple orgasms. Phew. Even thinking about it gives me an attack of the vapors.

My latest crush is on this guy, Michael Freimuth, who works out of NYC. Actually, I don’t technically have a crush on the guy himself (I have no idea who he is, outside of the internets). Just his layouts. His conceptual flair. His art direction makes my heart beat a little faster. What I’m saying basically is that I want to have his design babies.


spread from Materiel magazine


See what I’m saying? I tend to get in these moods where I get all burned-out on print design and how predictable it can be. There are only so many rip-offs of David Carson deconstructed-grid magazine layouts and cute, organo-friendly Orla Kiely patterns that I can stomach at once. So it always lifts my spirits when I stumble across something like this:


sick logo design


Now that is a logo design I can get behind. Not surprisingly, Michael Freimuth has been honored in Print Magazine and Communication Arts multiple times. Cheers to that. Thanks for the inspiration, Mikey. I needed something to keep me from being buried under the deluge of rejections sent by design firms and art galleries. Here’s to you!


web design for an NYC firm


(p.s. black and white is where you shine, dude.)


Another spread from Materiel magazine



sick logo design numero dos



Spread from Proximity Magazine

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