Good Eats, fewer double chins

So Alton Brown did an episode a few weeks ago on his epic weight-loss (a little too much, in my opinion, every time I see him he looks more and more like the crypt-keeper.) He lost 50 pounds in 9 months (40 would have been enough to avoid the terminal AIDS look). I, however, could afford to lose 50 pounds and MORE without looking Dachau-chic, so I’m going to try the same diet. Here are the specifics–4 lists of foods.

Foods to eat every day:
– Fruits
– Whole Grains
– Leafy Greens
– Nuts
– Carrots
– Green Tea
-BREAKFAST (more about this later)

Foods to eat 3 times a week:
– Oily Fish
– Yogurt
– Broccoli
– Sweet Potato
– Avocado

Foods to eat once a week:
– Red meat
– Pasta
– Dessert
– Alcohol

Foods to never eat:
Fast Food
– Soda
– Processed meals/frozen dinners
– Canned soup
– “Diet” anything

So. Since I don’t drink once a week, that means 2 desserts, right? God I hope so. For breakfast he suggests a smoothie, and the recipe he made looked so fantastic that I just had to try it this morning:

See? Pretty, purple breakfast.

Alton’s Buff Like Me Purple Superfruit Smoothie [modified]:
1/2 cup pomegranite juice
1 frozen banana
1 handful frozen mango slices
1 handful frozen mixed berries
3 frozen strawberries
1/2 cup soy milk.


Now I’m going to have a wilted spinach salad for lunch, a snack of roasted ginger almonds later on, and a couscous and black bean dish for dinner. 50 pounds sounds about right…

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