Boston Frozen Spring Fashion

Took a short jaunt around Harvard Square this past weekend. The weather being psychotic didn’t help much–I think people don’t really know how to dress when it goes from being 70 degrees on Wednesday to snowing on Thursday, so I decided to get some pics of how people are compromising with the weather, fashion-wise.


One way to do it is tasteful layering. Scarves and caramel-colored leather.

Military Coat

Love a good pea-coat. They work pretty well as transitional outerwear–fall and spring coats. This one has great military detailing.


I think she was hurrying somewhere from work, so the lack of coat is understandable. Love the pencil skirt and fun color on the top. Work outfits don’t have to be boring!!


The cute fuzziness of this coat is a great contrast to the big roomy cobalt bag (my favorite color).

Mint Julep

Ok, not technically “street” fashion, but Mint Julep is one of my favorite stores in Boston, so it makes sense that their employees know how to dress. Love the ruffles on the plaid winter dress on the right and the peach color of the sweater on the left. Riding boots are always a good winter shoe, and the color of the boots on the right is unusual and works well with the look.

Cobalt blue again!

I like this tough-cute combo look, plus the color palette she’s working with. Bright blue tights and awesome shoes, leather and pigtails. It works.

Pink and Prada

I think she was the most stylish person I saw that day. I love it when older (not old, mind you) women can dress like nobody’s business. What a great color coat for spring, unique and fun top, and of course, great bag. Kudos.

So that’s it for now. Stay tuned, soon, for a street fashion post straight from Italy!! There might be gelato involved, too. At least I *hope* so)


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