Boston–slightly less frozen fashion

I wasn’t entirely successful at my street fashion photography attempts this weekend. (Meaning I got turned down a lot by people who a) didn’t speak enough english to understand that I wasn’t a creep or b) spoke english perfectly and STILL thought I was a creep.)

Still, I got some good shots. More and more Boston girls are looking like supermodels than makes me entirely comfortable. Being normal height and pudgy doesn’t quite seem to cut it these days–at least not on Newbury St.

Winter tones and aviators

Handbag envy

^ This girl, for example. Brazilian swimsuit model?

Chill hat


^ I decided I need more dudes when I take street photos. This guy was perfect.

Fitted jacket, nice boots

Another handbag envy moment

^ She was wearing a little gold headband with a bow. Killer.

Outside Marc Jacobs

love the stockings

^ tough florals is my favorite look this season. Doing a flouncy little chiffon baby floral-print minidress with black leggings/stockings, shoes, and a tough jacket? Outstanding. Oh and I wanted to give a shout-out to her equally stylish friend who’s photos I managed to lose because I am a terrible person.

That’s it for now. Italy next!!!!

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