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Transmetropolitan: Cosmic Mind-Fuck, and You Love It

“If you loved me, you’d all kill yourselves today.”

That pretty much sums up the philosophy of Spider Jerusalem–the anti-hero of anti-heroes. The apotheosis gonzo journalist of the future. The bad-ass that can and will verbally eviscerate you and then mix your blood with heroin and shoot it into his eyeballs.

What I’m basically saying is…I’d have millions of Spider Jerusalem’s babies.
Written by the brilliant and insane Warren Ellis, Transmetropolitan is tied with the Sandman series as best graphic novels of all time (although completely different in theme and approach), and if you’re not reading it right now, you’re brain-dead, and we probably can’t be friends.

Somebody please dress up as him for halloween this year?

his cat has three fucking heads and it SMOKES

easy costume: black suit, sans shirt, painted-on tatts, and the glasses

but its all in the attitude

damn it, maybe *I'LL* dress up as him.

Just read it. Thank me later.